• The pleasure of sleeping on a cold winter night with a blanket is very different and it is a very pleasant feeling to avoid the cold and also for a restful sleep. But there are many disadvantages of sleeping with the head covered which We have no idea that such a small mistake can cause such a great loss to us. Sleeping with our head covered only gives oxygen to the brain as long as we are awake and when we fall asleep our The limbs and the brain are at rest and we do not realize that the fibers of the brain are shrinking. Oxygen is needed now, but in fact the brain does not get oxygen after sleeping. In addition, carbon dioxide enters the body. The amount of also increases. This is why it is said to cover the head with a blanket and avoid sleeping because mental weakness makes a person mentally handicapped. Weight is also felt, which increases respiratory problems because our respiratory system is weakened and when we take off the blanket, breathing is restored immediately. Poly compounds of other threads are used and they are made by a complete manufacture due to which clean air cannot pass through them and by covering the whole head, only dirty air from gold enters the human body which Due to this, it also causes blockage of the nose, etc. In this way, sleeping weakens our hair and increases the problem of dryness in the head.

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